JGMap Pro

Requirements: For Joomla 1.6+, 1.7+ or 2.5 Only ( For Joomla 1.5 version see here)

JGMap Pro is a Joomla Google Map module with easy set up and customization. See the reviews of our Standard version for how easy it is to setup.

There are a number of standard features such as up to 3 markers can be displayed along with a custom marker image and the ability to insert an article into a marker's Information Window.

Feature List:

  • Google Map v3 - No Google Map API Key.
  • Multiple Maps on the same Page.
  • Disable/enable up to 3 Markers.
  • Dynamically adjust map's position and dimensions in the module's administration.
  • Disable/enable Controls (Scale, Navigation, Zoom, Type)
  • Disable/enable Static Map.
  • Set Map's default type.
  • Custom Marker Image.
  • Position marker by dragging it via module's administration parameters.
  • Insert articles into the marker's informational window.
  • Add Kml files to the map.
  • Detection or enabling of HTTPS  for the Google API request.
  • Module Class Suffix